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Silicone ashtray

Silicone ashtray

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Silicone Ashtray: Practical, Robust and Versatile

Discover our silicone ashtray, an innovative accessory that redefines practicality. This ashtray is designed with food grade silicone, providing exceptional durability and strength

Quality Material

Food grade silicone, high temperature resistant and easy to clean.

Robust and Unbreakable

Will not break if dropped, ideal for outdoor use.

silicone ashtray


Can be used as an ashtray, but also as storage for small items.

Easy to Clean

Smooth surface that cleans quickly with soapy water.

Exceptional Durability

Resists shock and high temperatures for long-lasting use.

silicone ashtray

Versatility of Use

Suitable for indoor or outdoor use, and can serve a variety of purposes.

Simplified maintenance

Easy cleaning, making it a practical everyday accessory.

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