Collection: Pocket Ashtray

Discover our selection of pocket ashtrays. At Briquet Pro, we have designed portable, elegant and practical ashtrays, perfect for smokers on the go. Whether you're at the beach, hiking or in town, our airtight pocket ashtrays provide you with a discreet and environmentally friendly solution. Explore our collection and choose the perfect companion for your outdoor adventures.

Pocket Ashtray Buying Guide

Choose the pocket ashtray that suits your needs

Discover the convenience of a pocket ashtray – a must-have accessory for any eco-conscious smoker. Compact, discreet and practical, the portable ashtray is the ideal solution for keeping your spaces clean.

Why buy a pocket ashtray?

A portable ashtray is more than just a gadget; it is an ally for responsible smokers. It's perfect for a variety of situations, like going to the beach or traveling.

The different pocket ashtrays from Briquet Pro

At Briquet Pro, our range of portable ashtrays offers a choice for all tastes. From sleek metal designs to colorful silicone models, each is designed to combine style and functionality.

Pocket Ashtray: A Gesture for the Environment

Using a beach or pocket ashtray significantly reduces pollution. Choosing a reusable ashtray is a small step towards a cleaner future.

Order your pocket ashtray from Briquet Pro

Find the pocket ashtray that suits you best at Briquet Pro. Browse our diverse selection and order today for a cleaner environment, wherever you are.