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Discover our collection of ashtrays at Briquet Pro, where style, functionality and durability meet. Whether you are looking for a sturdy outdoor ashtray to enhance your outdoor space or a practical pocket ashtray for on the go, our diverse collection has everything to meet your needs.

Ashtray Buying Guide at Briquet Pro

Buy the best lighter according to your needs

Welcome to the world of ashtrays at Briquet Pro, where functionality and aesthetics meet. Whether you are looking for an ashtray for outdoor use or a portable solution, our collection meets all needs.

Outdoor Ashtrays: Robustness and Style

Our Outdoor ashtrays combine durability and design to adapt to all environments. Discover weather-resistant models, perfect for terraces, gardens and public spaces.

Pocket Ashtrays: Comfort and Ecology on the Go

For active smokers, our pocket ashtrays offer a practical and environmentally friendly solution. Lightweight, airtight and discreet, they are ideal for use on the go.

How to choose an ashtray?

  • Choice of Materials : Whether you prefer the elegance of stainless steel or the lightness of silicone, we have what you need.
  • Design and Practicality : Our ashtrays are designed to combine aesthetics and ease of use, adapting to all lifestyles.

Your Ideal Ashtray Awaits You at Briquet Pro

Whether you're looking for a stylish outdoor ashtray or a practical pocket ashtray, explore our collection to find the perfect solution to your needs. Visit our sub-collections to discover a world of choice and quality.