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Luminous Lighter

Luminous Lighter

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Luminous Butane Gas Lighter

The Butane Gas Lighter is an essential accessory to light up your moments, whether to light a romantic candle, a cigarette, or to light your path at night.

Powerful Flame

This lighter is equipped with a powerful flame that resists wind, ideal for lighting candles, cigars, or cigarettes.

Integrated LED light

In addition to the flame, this lighter has a powerful LED light. It becomes your ally to light up dark places and carry out nighttime tasks with ease.

luminous lighter

Refillable with Butane Gas

No more wasting disposable lighters. This lighter is refillable with butane gas, making it economical and environmentally friendly.

Elegant Design

Its sleek brushed metal casing makes it a fashion accessory you'll be proud to show off.

Perfect for the Night

Its LED light is particularly useful at night. It lights your path, helps you find your keys, and creates a warm atmosphere during your evenings.

Ideal Gift

The Luminous Lighter is a perfect gift for outdoor enthusiasts, night owls, and anyone looking for a multifunctional lighter.

Order your Luminous Lighter now!

The Luminous Lighter will accompany you during your nocturnal adventures and will illuminate your special moments. Get yours and bring light to your life.

Important Note:

In accordance with international shipping safety regulations, our lighters are shipped without gas. You will need to fill them yourself to use them safely.

Terms of delivery

Average delivery time: 9 to 18 days


Type of ignition: By friction.

Material: Wood with chemically treated head.

Durability: Single use.

Size: Small and light.

Safety: Head protected against accidental ignition.

Ease of use: Simple and quick.

Flame jet: Standard, without adjustment.

Return conditions

Our return policy lasts 30 days.

For more information on terms, please read our returns policy .

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