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Jet Lighter

Jet Lighter

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Electric Jet Lighter: Double Arc Windproof

The Electric Jet Lighter is the embodiment of elegance and technology. Featuring an LED power display and touch sensor, this lighter combines functionality and style in a durable metal shell.

Powerful Double Bow

The lighter features two ultra-powerful electric arcs that generate a flameless flame, ideal for lighting candles, cigarettes, and more.

USB charging

Forget the hassle of replacing gas cartridges. Simply charge your lighter via USB for long-lasting use.

Power LED Screen

The LED screen clearly displays the lighter's remaining power, letting you know when to recharge it.

electric lighter

Intuitive Touch Sensor

A simple touch on the touchscreen instantly triggers the flame, adding a touch of modernity and practicality.

Windproof and Waterproof

Thanks to its ingenious design, this lighter works flawlessly, even in windy or rainy weather.

Durable and Elegant

The metal shell of the lighter is not only strong, but also provides a sleek and sophisticated look.

usb lighter


Whether you're a cigar lover or an outdoor adventurer, this electric lighter fits any situation.

Perfect Gift

The Double Arc Windproof Electric Jet Lighter is an ideal gift for your friends or family, combining beauty and utility.

Order your Jet Lighter now!

This electric lighter provides you with a reliable and elegant source of flame, without the disadvantages of traditional lighters. The combination of its innovative technology and refined design makes it a perfect companion for all your lighting needs.

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