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Lighter Clock

Lighter Clock

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Butane Gas Double Flame Clock Lighter

The Double Flame Butane Gas Clock Lighter is much more than just a lighter. It is a symbol of style, sophistication and functionality. This lighter fuses the timeless elegance of a clock with the power of two flames to create a unique and essential accessory.

Double Power

With two flames, this lighter is ready for any occasion. It produces a powerful flame, perfect for lighting candles, cigars, and more.

Elegant Clock

The clock on the lighter adds a touch of elegance to your style. It is also practical for keeping an eye on the time on any occasion.

clock lighter

Refillable with Butane Gas

Forget the hassle of disposable lighters. This lighter is rechargeable, economical and environmentally friendly.

High-end design

The lightweight, durable metal housing gives this lighter a premium feel. It is built to last.

Perfect Gift

The Clock Lighter is an ideal gift for cigar lovers, lighter collectors and lovers of elegant accessories.

Order your Clock Lighter now!

If you're looking for a lighter that combines the charm of a clock with the power of two flames, look no further. Order your Butane Gas Double Flame Clock Lighter today and take your style up a notch.

Important Note:

In accordance with international shipping safety regulations, our lighters are shipped without gas. You will need to fill them yourself to use them safely.

Terms of delivery

Average delivery time: 9 to 18 days


Type of ignition: By friction.

Material: Wood with chemically treated head.

Durability: Single use.

Size: Small and light.

Safety: Head protected against accidental ignition.

Ease of use: Simple and quick.

Flame jet: Standard, without adjustment.

Return conditions

Our return policy lasts 30 days.

For more information on terms, please read our returns policy .

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