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Double Flame Rifle Lighter

Double Flame Rifle Lighter

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Double Flame Rifle Lighter - Doubly Powerful Ignition

The Double Flame Rifle Lighter is much more than a simple lighter. It embodies a perfect fusion of bold design, unrivaled performance and ease of use.

Powerful ignition

This lighter is equipped with a double flame which guarantees rapid, efficient and constant ignition. It resists the elements and wind, giving you a reliable flame in all circumstances.

double flame gun gas lighter

Unique Design

Shaped in the shape of a rifle, this lighter sports a unique design that is sure to spark conversations and compliments.

High Quality Materials

Made from durable materials, this lighter is built to stand the test of time.


Ideal for lighting cigarettes, candles, pipes, campfires and more. It is the perfect accessory for everyday use.

Refillable with Butane

Designed for long-term use, this lighter can be easily refilled with butane gas, making it environmentally friendly and economical.

refillable butane brick

Gift idea

Whether you're giving it to a friend or loved one, this lighter is an original gift that's sure to impress.

Order your Double Flame Rifle Lighter now!

The Double Flame Rifle Lighter combines striking design, unrivaled flame power and durability for an incomparable lighting experience.

Don't hesitate any longer, get this unique lighter today!

In accordance with international shipping safety regulations, our lighters are shipped without gas. You will need to fill them yourself to use them safely.

Refillable with Butane.

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