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Lighter Gear

Lighter Gear

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Gear Lighter - Refillable Gasoline

The Gear Lighter - Rechargeable Gasoline is much more than just a lighter. It embodies the perfect fusion between functionality, industrial design and sustainability. Here's why you'll love this lighter:

industrial lighter

Refillable with Gasoline

Never worry about running out of gas again. The Gear Lighter runs on gasoline, providing a reliable flame with every use.

Industrial design

This lighter features intricate gears that evoke a unique industrial aesthetic. It is the ideal companion for mechanical enthusiasts.

gear lighter

Powerful Flame

The flame of the Gear Lighter is sturdy and wind resistant, making it perfect for lighting candles, cigarettes or outdoor campfires.

Robust construction

Made with high quality materials, this lighter is built to stand the test of time. It will accompany you on your most daring adventures.

stylish lighter


Whether you are a mechanic, design enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable lighter, the Gear Lighter is an excellent option.

Memorable Gift

Give this unique lighter as a gift to a friend, loved one or yourself. It's a gift that's sure to make a splash.

The Gear Lighter is much more than just a tool for lighting a fire; it is a statement of style and durability. Order yours today and experience the perfect union of form and function.

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